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Apr 10, 2018 9:43:03 AM | self-adhered roofing, Frequently Asked Questions



Do you have some lingering questions about our new SURE-STICK product line? We developed a list of frequently asked questions to help answer some of those questions and provide you with more information.

Q: What is SURE-STICK?

A: The SURE-STICK products are SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) modified bitumen membranes specifically formulated for self-adhered applications. These base sheets have a permanent film surfacing designed to aid in the adhesion of SOPREMA self-adhered or heat welded membranes. This surface also eliminates the need for interply priming; saving both material and labor costs. The SURE-STICK product line is manufactured with a superior, high tack adhesive blend on the underside to give these membranes tremendous adhesion, both initially and long-term.

Q: What products are available under the SURE-STICK line?

A: Our SURE-STICK product line offers a few different product options, including: 

  • SURE-STICK Nail Base: Is used over nailable decks as a mechanically fastened base layer. This product is reinforced with a glass fiber mat.
  • ELASTOPHENE SURE-STICK: An SBS base ply reinforced with a glass fiber mat. It has a new high tack formula on the underside and a permanent film surfacing on the topside. 
  • SOPRALENE SURE-STICK: An SBS base ply reinforced with a polyester mat. It has a new high tack formula on the underside and a permanent film surfacing on the topside.
  • ELASTOPHENE SURE-STICK FR GR: An SBS cap sheet reinforced with a glass fiber mat. It has a new high tack formula on the underside and a side lap release film for increased lap adhesion.

Q: What are the benefits of self-adhered application?

A: Safety is always a principal concern in roofing. When safety concerns are present or there are special circumstances that require near odorless application, the SURE-STICK product line is the answer. The SURE-STICK system provides a multi-ply, redundant SBS roofing system, with all of the advantages of a self-adhered application including quick and easy application, no open flames or odor, and immediate bonding. All while providing a hassle-less, time and labor savings application.

  • No odor from primers, adhesives or asphalt
  • No hazards due to open flame or hot asphalt
  • Time and labor savings
  • Material savings
  • No special equipment needed

Q: Are there any special storage and handling requirements?

A: SURE-STICK products should be stored indoors at 70°F and protected from UV exposure and moisture. To maintain tack, rolls should not be stored below 50°F or above 120°F for extended time periods. Pallets should remain wrapped in original packaging. Do not double stack any SURE-STICK products. If packaging is removed, maintain SOPREMA SURE-STICK products in the box, in an upright position, on a pallet or elevated surface and covered. Rolls should not be laid down on their side as this can cause the rolls to deform.

  • Store at 70°F until application
  • Maintain in original packaging until application with wrapping and product labels are in tact
  • Store upright, on pallet – Do not store rolls on their side, do not double stack SA products
  • Protect SA rolls from exposure to heat/cold, UV exposure and moisture

Q: Are there any application guidelines?

A: Yes, there are a few basic application guidelines that should be followed when applying any self-adhered membranes, such as:

  • Do not install self-adhered membranes if there is any moisture present at the time of application including dew, water, ice or snow
  • The substrate must be clean, dry and free of dust or other material that may affect adhesion of the membrane to the substrate
  • Ambient temperatures should be 40°F and rising

Find additional application guidelines here. 

Q: How are the end laps addressed?

A: The end laps on the SURE-STICK base plies are self-adhered, so there is no need for any additional treatment. When installing the SURE-STICK cap sheet, there are two methods of addressing the end laps:

  • The SOPRAMASTIC SBS Elastic Cement product can be used. Simply trowel on the SOPRAMASTIC with a 3/16” notched trowel over the granules to cover the 6 inch end lap. Then set the the overlapping sheet in the SOPRAMASTIC and apply slight pressure to ensure proper bond. Additional application guidelines available here. 
  • The end laps of the cap sheet can be heat welded in place with a roofing torch or a heat welder. The granules on the underlying sheet should be embedded over the entirety of the 6 inch end lap to ensure proper bond between the two plies.

Q: How can I help avoid issues with dust and dirt when using SURE-STICK?

A: There are many ways to ensure that dust and dirt are not an issue when using SURE-STICK products. Prior to the application of any base or cap sheet, ensure that the substrate has been swept or blown off to remove any debris. The film surfacing on the top of the sheet is easy to clean. A clean, sound substrate will provide the best results. Ensure that prior to being ready to apply the membranes, they are maintained in the original pallet wrappings and that the release films remain in place. Special consideration should be made to ensure the lap film on the SURE-STICK cap sheet is maintained in place until you are ready to apply.

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