Self-Adhered roofing trends

Apr 11, 2018 8:48:53 AM | roofing, self-adhered roofing


The Rise of Self-Adhered Roofing

Self-adhered roofing systems are on the rise and looking at the trends in the roofing industry over the last ten years, we expect to continue to see this sector grow. Before digging into the trends and why we are seeing such growth in the self-adhered division of the industry, it is important to take a quick step back and define what self-adhered products are.

The technology has been around for quite sometime now, but if you are not familiar with self-adhered products, they are exactly what their name suggests. Each membrane is produced with a factory applied adhesive layer on the product that is designed to be attached directly to the substrate. Self-adhered products provide contractors with a variety of benefits over other roofing systems, and these benefits have played a large role in the increase in demand over the years.

When talking about roofing systems, self-adhered systems are relatively new compared to the various asphalt roofing systems available, but the technology and performance are rapidly increasing. While self-adhered products may not have as many decades of experience behind them, the performance has changed drastically from their introduction, while still addressing the safety and environmental issues we face on a daily basis in our industry. 

How can self-adhered roofing systems benefit you? The question on everyone’s mind

Self-adhered systems provide a solution for one of the most pressing issues in our industry – time and labor savings. It is no surprise to you that there is a labor shortage in our industry and increasing productivity to improve labor times and cut unnecessary labor costs is a top priority. So, what if your product selection could affect this?

This is one of the main reasons we are seeing growth in self-adhered products. Due to the ease of installation, self-adhered products can be installed in less time than products that required mechanical fastening or torch-application. Another installation aspect that saves time and labor is that in most situations, no primer is required  completely eliminating the priming step. In addition to the labor savings, once completed, these products result in fewer aesthetic issues, requiring less touch-up and leaving building owners happier with the final product.

Safety concerns are another big driving factor for the growth of self-adhered products. Each year, safety requirements are becoming stricter. By using self-adhered products two safety concerns are addressed right off the bat— flames and fumes. As a flameless roofing solution, self-adhered products eliminate the possibility of accidental fires or burns to crew members. Since no additional adhesive is required, there are no harmful fumes emitted. As the safety of our workers and the environment continue to be a pressing issue, self-adhered products will continue to provide a simple solution.

If disruption to building operations is a concern, self-adhered products are a great option. Installation of these products does not require heat-applied techniques or fastening into the roof deck and they do not emit harmful odors. This makes self-adhered products a good product selection for roofing projects on hospitals or schools. Your crews can continue to work while school is in session, or on an occupied hospital without the worry of unwanted fumes or disruptions to their daily activities.

The benefits discussed here are reasons why we have seen continued growth in self-adhered products over the last ten years. It is expected that this segment of roofing will continue to grow and thrive in the coming years due to the benefits offered and the continued efforts to increase product performance from manufacturers.

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