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COLPHENE LM BARR Frequently Asked Questions:

By now you’ve probably heard about our new COLPHENE LM BARR products. This product line offers one component, liquid applied moisture curing elastomeric waterproofing membranes. With a variety of advantages, COLPHENE LM BARR can be the solution for a variety of projects. We have composed a list of frequently asked questions to help you further understand the product.

Q: What is COLPHENE LM BARR and how is it used?

A: COLPHENE LM BARR (BARR) is a single component, liquid applied, moisture curing elastomeric STPE waterproofing membrane. BARR harnesses the benefits of STPE technology making it an ideal positive-side waterproofing solution for sealing foundations, above and below the water table. It can be used above grade to waterproof plaza decks, vegetated roof systems, waterproof planter boxes, providing UV protection. Below grade applications include positive side waterproofing for sealing foundations, between slabs and equipment walls.

Q: What is STPE technology and what are the advantages?

A: BARR was developed with the backbone of STPE (silyl terminated polyether) hybrid technology. This technology combines the long term adhesion characteristics of silicone and the elongation properties of urethane. Combining these two technologies provides a new product with an extremely broad range of performance properties. As a hybrid technology, BARR has the ability to rapidly bond and create a watertight seal while maintaining the flexibly to withstand the demanding conditions of both vertical and horizontal waterproofing. The high solids moisture cure technology of STPE provides a fast curing process allowing for minimal loss of material, making it easy for the applicator to install the material at the specified mil thickness. With low VOC content, the environmentally friendly products can be installed in sensitive locations that require minimal odors and address concerns for increased venation for the applicator.

Q: What products are offered?


Q: What are the benefits of using this system? 

A. COLPHENE LM BARR offers the first and only spray-grade STPE waterproofing membrane on the market, making installation fast and easy with minimal preparation work. It also has the ability to bond to ‘green’ concrete, allowing the application of concrete much sooner than traditional technologies. Additionally, the product begins to cure almost immediately when exposed to moisture, allowing it to tolerate damp conditions and light rain post application.

Q: How is the system applied?

A. COLPHENE LM BARR can be applied via brush, squeegee and spray-grade application. 

Q. What is the cure time? 

A. The cure times will vary dependent upon film thickness, temperature and relative humidity (RH). Typical cure time is 3 hours for 30 mil application 70°F / 21°C with 50% relative humidity. Note: cold and dry conditions will slow curing, while hot and wet conditions will accelerate curing. All supplemental coats and repairs should be performed within 72-hours of the initial application.

Q. What resources are available on COLPHENE LM BARR? 

A. We have a variety of resources available to you on our new COLPHENE LM BARR product. You can find all of the available resources and request a sample of the product here.